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XLR Adapter XLR 3-Pin Female - 6.35 mm Male Black

    The Sweex on-stage series packs a wide range of superior-quality connectors and cables. It provides a complete wiring solution covering both short and long distances. This leaves you to produce the ultimate studio recordings or deliver a mind-blowing on-stage performance in every thinkable situation.
    Connect instruments, microphones, amplifiers and a multitude of other devices for every (semi) professional music performance demanding a stunning and solid sound reproduction. The Sweex on-stage solution also includes cables and connectors for fog and bubble machines, light shows and many more. This will top off your stage act with special effects that will leave your audience in awe.
Adapter type XLR
Connection A XLR 3-Pin Female
Connection B 6.35 mm Male
Outside material Metal
Packaging Polybag
Colour Black
Audio type Stereo
Plating Nickel