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Get support for your Sweex product

How can we help you with your Sweex product?

If you have any difficulties or problems with a Sweex product you can find support on its product page. If you were not able to solve your problem with the provided information, you can contact us via the form below. After we have received your question we will answer as quickly as possible.


Which replacement battery can I use for my Sweex UPS?

PP200 = HQ BAT-LEAD-12 PP210 = HQ BAT-LEAD-12 PP220 = HQ BAT-LEAD-10 PP230 = HQ BAT-LEAD-10 PP300 = HQ BAT-LEAD-15

Does my UPS need to be on to provide power to my device?

Yes, the bypass function will not work if the UPS is turned off

Where can I find the latest version of the ViewPower software?

You can download it from

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