Never a problem with power failure: Sweex Compact UPS 600 VA

PP300 Sweex Compact UPS 600 VA
, September 2011 – Everyone has been there: you are working on your computer and suddenly everything stops. A power failure. Everything you have been doing for the past hour is gone. With the Sweex Compact UPS 600 VA (PP300), this will not happen again.

The Sweex Compact UPS 600 VA supplies power for 8 minutes to a desktop PC connected to it. This will give you enough time to store your work and close your programs. The UPS has a clear beep, which will be played if there is a power failure and the battery takes over. The UPS can be connected to three devices, with a total of up to 300 watt. The UPS has three so-called Schuko connections. This makes it possible to connect other devices to your UPS, such as audio or video devices, or a security system.

The UPS is also equipped with all necessary protections against overcharge, discharge, and overload. The compact size of the UPS (89x161x166 mm) makes it easy to store it near your computer.

PP300 Sweex Compact UPS 600 VA

Sweex Europe B.V.

Sweex Europe B.V. originally is a Dutch producer of street gear, computer-related products, and consumer electronics. Sweex Europe was established in 1978, and has grown into an internationally renowned company, operating in 45 countries. Sweex Europe carries three brands: Rocking Residence, Sweex, and Yarvik. All three brands have their own product portfolio and brand image.

Sweex is the brand for all computer-related products, such as computer accessories, components, and peripherals. User friendliness is the focus for all Sweex products. This creates accessible products with clear simplicity and high reliability.

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