Anytime, anywhere television and radio reception


Delft, August 2010- Still have holiday plans, do a lot of travelling or simply prefer to decide for yourself when and where you watch television or listen to the radio? With the Sweex DVB-T Adapter you can transform your PC, laptop or netbook into a digital TV or radio in no time so you can watch and listen to free-to-air DVB-T television and radio stations anywhere and anytime.

Besides watching and listening to free TV and radio stations you can also record programmes or pause whenever you like using the time shift function. Installation takes place automatically as soon as you insert the installation CD in the player. Then all you have to do is insert the USB DVB-T adapter in your computer and place the antenna next to it and it’s ready for use.

A remote control and detailed manual are included. The DVB-T adapter is fully integrated with Windows® 7 and compatible with Windows® XP and Windows® Vista.

This product is covered by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty, which can be extended with an additional 10 years upon registration. For more information, please visit
The Sweex DVB-T Adapter USB (MM020) has a recommended retail price of €29.95 and will be in the shops at the end of August.

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