New Sweex headsets: sleek design, powerful sound

Sweex HM410 SERIES

Delft, March 2011
– The new Sweex Comfort Headset Metal is a real all-rounder. The microphone makes the headset ideal for online voice chatting or multiplayer gaming. In addition, because of the powerful and clear sound, the headset is also ideal for listening to music. All these functionalities are wrapped up in a sleek and modern design.
The headset owes its clear and powerful sound to the frequency range of 20 – 20000 Hz. The headphone and the microphone can be easily connected to your computer with the two 3.5 jack connectors. The headset is also very user-friendly. The microphone is easily adjustable and the volume of the headset can be adjusted through the sound control on the cable.
This product comes with a 2-year warranty, which can be extended with 10 years of manufacturer’s warranty after registration. For more information, please check
The Sweex Comfort Headset Metal will be available mid March and comes in three different colours: silver, blue & pink. The retail price is £14.99.
HM410 Sweex Comfort Headset Metal Silver
HM411 Sweex Comfort Headset Metal Blue
HM412 Sweex Comfort Headset Metal Pink

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