Sweex Neoprene Sleeves: The ultimate protection for iPads, netbooks & tablets

Sweex Sleeves

Delft, June 2011 – With the Sweex SA130, SA132 & SA133 Neoprene sleeves, you can take your iPad, iPad 2, netbook or tablet (up to 10”) with you at all times.

Sweex SA130 & SA132 Sleeves
Both sleeves are made of neoprene, a synthetic form of rubber. This fabric makes the sleeves water resistant and helps them offer a great protection of for example your iPad, netbook or tablet. The sleeves offer a lot of protection, but they can also be used as an extra, to protect your iPad, netbookn or tablet in your backpack or laptop bag. You can also turn the sleeve inside out, which exposes another colour. The available colour combinations are: black / grey and red / grey. The sleeves can all be closed, to prevent your iPad, netbook, or tablet from falling out.

Sweex SA133 Sleeve
Just like the Sweex SA130 & SA132, the Sweex SA133 is also made from neoprene, which makes it water resistant and very solid. This offers great protection for your iPad, netbook, or tablet. The Sleeve can be closed with a zipper, so you know your iPad, netbook, or tablet cannot fall out. The sleeve also has an extra – sealable – storage compartment for other accessories, like your power adapter.

These products come with a 2-year warranty. If you register your product, this period can be extended by 10 years of factory warranty. For more information, check out Sweex.com/12yearwarranty.

The Sweex Neoprene Sleeve Red / Grey 10’’ (SA130) is now available at a retail price of £ 13.95.

The Sweex Neoprene Sleeve Black / Grey 10’’ (SA132)
is now available at a retail price of £ 13.95.

The Sweex Neoprene Sleeve Black 10’’ (SA133)
is now available at a retail price of £ 13.95.

Sweex Europe B.V.
Sweex Europe B.V. is a Dutch producer of street gear, computer-related products, and consumer electronics. Sweex Europe was established in 1978, and has grown into an internationally renowned company, operating in 45 countries. Sweex Europe carries three brands: Rocking Residence, Sweex, and Yarvik. All three brands have their own product portfolio and brand image.

Sweex is the brand for all computer-related products, such as computer accessories, components, and peripherals. User friendliness is the focus for all Sweex products. This creates accessible products with clear simplicity and high reliability. Sweex products are known for their excellent price/quality ratio. What you see is what you get. Sweex pays attention to the specifications, but also to the look and feel of the product. Why settle for standard, if better is an option?

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