Sweex makes every effort towards delivering a high quality for all of its products. User friendliness, reliability, functionality and durability are the most important criteria which all the products in our range have to meet in order to guarantee you the most positive user experience as possible, as a customer.

Sweex offers an extended factory warranty of 10 years on top of the 2 years legal warranty. In order to apply for this you have to register your product within 30 days of purchasing it. Do not wait and register today! Registration offers more advantages. It also allows you to be kept informed automatically on possible updates for your product.

Should you find yourself with a product which does not function satisfactorily despite all this, please contact us first at the consumer support center. If a defect is noted on the product you will have a right to warranty up to 12 years after the purchase under certain conditions. For more information we refer to our warranty conditions.

Entering a warranty claim
You can easily enter a warranty claim warranty claim form on our website when you have a defective product.

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