Service information

Sweex supports its customers in various ways by means of extensive service and support on the whole assortment.

Do you have a technical question that cannot be found under the ‘Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) of your product. Or are you confused about settings, drivers or the installation thereof. Sweex also offers personal technical support; both online and by e-mail. Click on the 'Support Desk' button under the menu Service & Support.

For a lot of products Sweex collects useful tips with regard to the installation procedure or the use. You can find these under the ‘Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) section on the product page.

Drivers & Firmware
Sweex constantly works on the improvement of products. Thus occasionally new drivers and/or renewed firmware become available that improve the installation procedures or the use. You can find these under the ‘Drivers & Firmware' section on the product page.

Sweex usually supplies product manuals in 22 languages. All manuals can easily be downloaded by everybody in printable PDF format under the 'Manuals' section on the productpage.

In a standard manner Sweex offers the 2-year statutory warranty on all its products. Moreover, an extended manufacturer's warranty of 10 years applies to a number of products if you register yourself within the indicated deadline on (reference is made to the terms and conditions applicable to the Sweex warranty provisions under 'Warranty').

Should you have a question that is not related to a product then you can contact us by means of the General contact form. We cannot answer technical questions asked by means of the contact form.

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