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Uninterruptible Power Supply 2000 VA 1200 W

    With the Sweex Intelligent UPS 2000 VA, you are no longer afraid of losing all your files and work during power outages. When the power goes down, all the applications and work that you were doing, can be saved and closed without any problems. This UPS has a Line Interactive with brownout and overvoltage protection.
Number of sockets 6
Technology Sealed Lead Acid
Length 397
Socket type IEC C13
Output voltage 230
Power plug Schuko / Type F (CEE 7/7)
No. of batteries 2
Output power 1200
Voltage AC 220 - 240 V
LCD display Yes
Width 146
Operating time 20
Height 205
Output Current 2000 VA
Battery recharge time 480
Product datasheet

Which replacement battery can I use for my Sweex UPS?

PP200 = HQ BAT-LEAD-12 PP210 = HQ BAT-LEAD-12 PP220 = HQ BAT-LEAD-10 PP230 = HQ BAT-LEAD-10 PP300 = HQ BAT-LEAD-15

Does my UPS need to be on to provide power to my device?

Yes, the bypass function will not work if the UPS is turned off

Where can I find the latest version of the ViewPower software?

You can download it from